Now what?

Before I tell you the secret, I want to share that I’ve owned what’s called a wordpress based website,  and  for upwards of 7 years.

I’ve taken them to the 1st page of  effortlessly. I say this in all honesty and with integrity – I also say I didn’t know why it happened for me. Other intelligent people couldn’t get their websites on the top 10 of Google no matter how much money they paid or how may articles they wrote! Yet I did it about a month. I didn’t know why!

Until now.

You may have read the news. Google has made changes to how searches are done.

What’s more, if the desired Google standards are not met, they will shut you down.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But here’s what else I did without realizing at the time how powerful this little action made my online rankings.

I also played around in, spying on my nieces and nephews once every couple of weeks. It was good for me – I learned what they families were planning and where they were going before they invited me!  It was so cool.

Now I know that linking into Facebook and Twitter both, actually increased my scores and helped me achieve the top rankings!

In fact, as of last month, Facebook outpaced even Google, the world's largest search engine, because people are actually finding things through this social forum!

But you don’t have to believe me. Take a look at what the technology is behind this phenomenon! Here’s a link into the technology overview of Google.  Algorithm Technology.

What was the main component that helped me increase rankings?  The truth is, it was creating a blog. Posting a few short paragraphs about what I offered and additional information ranked me to #6.  And WordPress was the software platform that existed 7 years ago for me – I was willing to risk and try out a new thing!

It paid off!  Now the software platform that exists behind WordPress makes it super easy to score high in the search engines.

As an online business services coach, I now always encourage my clients to put their entire website into WordPress. They experience ease to generate leads, lower ad budgets, increase the stick ability, and create high organic rankings.

Here is my advice to you now as a small or large business. GET YOUR WEBSITE INTO WORDPRESS!

Google, Facebook and WordPress work in sync like I've never seen occur before. WordPress and Facebook, along with  are making it easier than ever for a small business owner to compete with a large company.

Twitter, you say?

Get this.  The US Library of Congress says there’s value in tweets! A recent announcement showed that Tweeting is not a fad.

Let me be frank with you.

I built my websites, ranked on Google’s first page, and continue to upgrade and stay current because of one thing I did – one thing only.

I built my online presence with  All, and I mean ALL of my clients who wanted help optimizing and writing content for their websites that were NOT wordpress, had headaches, spent too much time and too much manpower, and too much money getting nowhere fast. And each time I wrote copy and had them make strategic changes in their websites, they balked.  Why?  Because they had to pay their designers to go in and add the content!  It cost them more money than they realized.  So what did they do? Ignore quality marketing content and stay as is!

Plus, they didn’t have fun and I didn’t have fun trying to make things happen for them. Like making potatoe soup without potatoes!

It's not fun and it doesn’t taste like anything.

WordPress changes and refines itself and makes it easy to keep on running while you do.

Oh and one more piece of advice. Don’t use a free  site – buy your domain name and attach it to a free template or build a new site with WordPress Thesis themes – but stay away from the free blogs.

Are you serious about your online business?

In fact, your real brick and mortar business will suffer if you don’t represent yourself as qualified and high ranked online.  People don’t read brochures – they search you on the web!

Oprah uses wordpress.

President Obama uses a wordpress blog.

And they have small budgets because they don’t need web designers and technicians to upkeep the websites.  This is awesome news to small business.

So please know this. I'm here to give you advice. It's advice that is based on cold hard experience. Get into WordPress now.

Your business future depends on it. Call me 780-940-5429 or write me Let’s find out how to optimize your web presence so you will rank top of the heap!

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