Healing, Balancing and Empowering Your
Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Energies

The time to heal that imbalance within you is NOW!

Wow!  I just completed more than a year of intensive life and energy coaching training to add to my business and life coaching practice!  Within this dynamic group who shared from the deepest recesses of our souls, we finally had the opportunity to participate in a celebratory commencement this weekend in Broomfield, Colorado.

And celebrate we did!

One of the most interesting processes we experienced was Kristen Sweeting Morelli offering her new project, Goddess Rising which is all about intuition and feminine (matriarchal) energy.

For an hour on Sunday morning, women only, we learned more about our feminine energy and how so many of us believe we need to stay in our heads to become successful.

The truth is, staying in the brain actually short circuits our intuition and we miss out on being authentic and true to ourselves and ultimately true to others. And by the way, this applies to men also!

Here’s a bit of information about the feminine and masculine energies.

In the energetic way of understanding life, both men and women carry the feminine and masculine abilities to organize thoughts and actions along with the intuitive support.

When you allow your masculine AND your feminine energies, balanced, to support your decisions in life, the power and intuition behind the choices come together. You then have available to you more power and more guidance than most of us have ever dreamed possible.

If you’ve read Thomas Stanley, author of “The Millionaire Mind”, you’ll know that the number one reason both men and women succeed is because they use intuition. Intuition is from the core belly of your being (gut). Balancing the thinking of masculine action with the intuitive feminine guidance, you can’t go wrong!

The feminine energy is intuitive and introspective, taking you within so that you can discover your own personal truth in life. True power is born in your own sacred truth. Any time you have a “gut sense” about something, it is the voice of intuition telling you there is more you need to look at before making this decision.

It would be a good idea to pay attention to it!

It is also through the feminine energy that you become open and receptive to new ideas, ideas which can propel you beyond the blockades we all encounter in life.

Stanley validates that the thousands of millionaires he interviewed, admit that their ideas all came from listening to their intuition. It behoove you not to listen to yours.

The masculine energy is what powers you outward into the world, and especially into the world of commerce and industry. Your masculine energy is analytical, organized and driving. It gives you the creative insight and the power to bring your ideas to fruition in what is often a conflicted and confusing world.

These two energies need to work together if you would be the most vibrant, effective, bliss-filled and successful person you deserve to be.

So here’s what else we learned to activate in that hour:

  • To separate the dynamic and understanding of our masculine energy from the abuses of the patriarchy that are making our lives so difficult. They are not the same thing.
  • Find the face of our masculine power as we heal our masculine energy by reducing it’s power by half and increasing intuitive (feminine power) by 100%!
  • Discovered techniques to bringing our feminine and masculine energies together within us in a healing and balanced way so that they can understand one another and work together toward our highest good in life.

If you’re interested in checking if your intuitive talents are vibrant and finding out if you are blocking that gut feel that produces the best ideas, send me an email. Let’s set up 10 minutes to find out for yourself! Simply go to my contact page and write me you want an energetic reading – gratis!

Great job today!

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I also serve my support to you out of integrity. The above link is an affiliate link, which means that I’ve made an agreement with this product developer to sell their stuff in return for a commission.  Every product I tell you about comes with a money-back guarantee.  If you have any questions, email me through my contact page at and we can talk about it.  I also want to clarify that anything I say about success and income is just reporting my story. I completed several years training on how to clear and succeed for myself. But I don’t have any way of knowing if you’ll make money or not.  The potential is there for you to make money if you actually use the program intelligently and diligently.   If it works for you, excellent!  If it doesn’t, there’s an immediate money-back guarantee.  So, there’s no way for you to get hurt and a possibility that you’ll be better off.

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