Recently, I read a Facebook post that shook me.

“How do you get rid of a poverty mindset? By an act of the will. Begin to believe the truth about who God said you are, what you were designed for. Prove it with action- FAITH without action is dead, so prove it. Work hard, excellently, don't waste your time, don't whine. Read books by millionaires. Hang out with millionaires. Curse Poverty & receive Prosperity.”
I found myself mumbling …”Ya But…millionaires don’t want to hang out with me!”
“Ya…But… what does God have to do with paying my bills!”
I clicked further into this post and up came a surprising post script:
“And…. if you feel like all these exclusions come up, you honestly don't believe it. You don't believe you deserve it. You believe someone or something that lied to you more than you believe God. I'd ask Him to forgive you for that.”

I have to admit, this mini conversation I had with myself as I read this woman’s post, influenced me deeply.

This is what I call Providence. Providence moved into my current moment to support me clearing that belief once and for all – that millionaires wouldn’t want to hang out with me! That I’m not deserving. 

I did my centering, gold infusion, grounding and started looking for the energetic block in my body and surrounding aura. I asked, “Where’s that little sucker! Where’s that block that’s a lie and has me still believing that the gentry don’t want to schmooze with me?!?”

I found the smear, and pulled it out. 

I took back my power from the lie.

I need to be totally honest with you here.

It took me quite a time and a process to get to this spot. Because if I hadn’t already done some homework I wouldn’t have recognized the inspiration this woman’s post had for me.

Up to then, I had been asking myself several questions why I wanted more money in my life. Up to then, I also realized I had to master my lifestyle and money before more could and would come in.

You’ve heard the statistics that less than 2% of the people who win lotteries still have money after a few years. They didn’t master how to handle their lives despite the added income.

You see, making more money will only amplify the current lifestyle you experience and it will magnify it, make it bigger and louder!

Having more money will infuse your life with heightened fear and frustrations if you don’t master having more of it. You will continue to be in fear and frustrations like you are now, but at a different level.

It will magnify the issues. So how can you master having more money? How can you get to the place of not adding further frustrations and fears that you currently face?

You must do things differently than you have up to now.

I know, I know, you’ve heard that before! And hearing it hasn’t helped one bit, has it!?!

The past couple of ezines I sent had you do some homework.

What did you write down as goals that would be different if you had more money?

I asked you to look at the differences and go step by step beyond and take a look why it matters to you with each discovery.

What is it that you hope will come to pass and provide in your life if you had more money?

You see that these things are what you want in life. And you hope money will provide them for you.

Can you see that this list doesn’t necessarily mean you need more money – it’s the dream you want that’s different and not necessarily about the money.

So what has happened is, you’ve attached the money to the dream so think you need more.

So what is that? Do you want more love, relationships, respect? If you attach money to them, it appears easier to have – but it’s an improper focus.

We talked about focus and where you put your focus expands.

So that’s why I want you to take this exercise seriously. Let’s help you shift out of your current thinking by identifying the real desire behind wanting more money.

Here are the key questions you want to ask yourself.

  • What matters to you and why is it different from your current life?

  • Why do the differences matter?

Here’s an example how I find out by using the 2 key questions above:

What matters and why is it different from my current situation?

I want my debts paid off and have excess money to live my lifestyle without incurring any more debt.

Why does that matter?

I want excess cash that will pay for a special trip, the extra course, the gas, the bills and the mortgage at the same time.

See how that works? Now you keep asking the same questions with each level you discover.

Maybe your current desire for more money is so you don’t have to work so hard and be able to spend more time with family.

Why does paying my debts matter? Why does spending more time with family matter?

Let me dig deeper with my example.

Debt to me is a reflection of a poverty image. I hate feeling and experiencing poverty – it’s yellow and sallow to me! It’s rotten!

Why does that matter?

I want to pay off debt and have excess cash so I’m not worried about nit-picking what to spend money on. I want to pay my bills and feel good about the fact that the money is always there to pay for my lifestyle. And by lifestyle I mean the basics – food, clothing, gas, utilities, snow blower for our winters, new tires, a fireplace that doesn’t smoke us out – you know, the basics!

Why does that matter?

(I’m digging deeper here because I want you to really see the value of this exercise.)

I want to be seen as prosperous and get more respect by my peers. Why does that matter?

I want to be seen as a prosperous business woman who is regarded in my industry.

I want to share my knowledge, be paid for it, and live out my life stress-free without concern that money has to come in to pay for my right to live life on my terms!

Why does that matter?

I got a clue from the last statement. But before I dig deeper, you try it.

“I want to spend time with family because they matter to me.” Why does that matter?

I want to grow with them and we both develop nicer, friendlier relations. Why does that matter? Interacting with family offers more meaning to them and to me. Why? Because I want to make a significant impact on them. Why? Because I want them to love and respect me for who I am and what I offer- differently than now, because I’m not available to them as much. Why does that matter?

Because I love them. Why does that matter? Because I want to leave a healthy legacy as a mother, father, wife, husband.

I want to make a better impact as someone who cares about them. I want to let them see I’m not always stressed out and worried. Why does that matter?

See what I mean?

Now about my own clue. I heard myself say, “life on my own terms!”

I hit a cord in me. So let’s continue.

Why does that matter? Instead of focussing in the future daydreaming I want to feel that I have accomplishments right now. I have a right to live my life as I choose.

I have a right to live life with prosperity and cash in hand! 

I have a right to live my life well, secure, contributing and being paid well for my contributions!

When I draw it down to its soul level, I come up with the real issue that plagues me about money.

For me, the real issue is I didn’t feel I deserved to what I wanted – the fine things in life. I didn’t feel I deserved to be paid well for my tasks, knowledge and insights.

That I had to give it away and not ask for payment in return!

Where did I get this issue? I borrowed most of it from my family. My paternal grandmother lived with us my first 10 years. She was a huge influence on me. Baba instilled that the man in the family was entitled to money, but the woman’s role was to make sure ‘he’ was fed, clothed, warmed and happy. He would provide for me. 

I gag at that!

When I look at the deeper issue, I can then do something about that energetic block. Let’s continue.

Why does that matter? It matters to me that I also earn income and help my husband provide for our well-being.

So the forensic work has uncovered the energetic block!

So how can I unblock my core reason for staying stuck in debt? How can I have this in my life right now?

Keep writing and digging and discovering the core issue – because once you’re there, you can release it forever!

I’ll talk more about the tools and how to release core issues in the ezines to follow.

In the mean time, dig for your own core block and by the way, have fun!

Great job today!

“WOW is Right!!! Thank you, Patricia for that wonderful visual. Here's to holding the sacred space for yours, mine and the world in which we are ascending into…Divine Abundance is our all of our Birth Right's!” — Teri Keating

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