Chunk and schedule your tasks. List out what you want to accomplish for the day. I like to put a large circle O at the margin or end of each task I want to complete. And when I complete that task, I colour it in with a brightly colored marker.

It’s refreshing to see a list of fuchsia dots on the page at the end of the day or week, or as long as it takes to complete the list.

This process takes the pressure off and helps relieve some tension and fear of successful completion.

I break down writing my books this way. I break down editing this way. So, for example, list how many paragraphs you want to write today. Top of the list could be one paragraph O. You could list several today or a page or a chapter.

Ask for help!

Enjoy your day and may you accomplish a brief step along your writing journey.

Patricia Ogilvie, Copyeditor, Owner Prorisk Enterprises Ltd.

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