My client was failing at her business. She wasn’t making any money because she wasn’t asking prospects to buy from her.

She was struggling to earn a reasonable living (obviously) because she had the “deer in the headlights” syndrome—frozen, scared stiff of asking customers to buy from her. She was afraid of sales.

Plus, she didn’t want to work for minimum wage for someone else because she had a product that was what people needed (some told her so) and wanted (they told her that too).

Yet, the fear of selling (sales) held her back.

Before we collaborated and I wrote some marketing copy for her business goals, I first needed to be sure she respected my profession. Copywriting is sales. It’s selling with words.

Without accepting my skills as a copywriter, she wouldn’t respect my efforts. And I could already sense her apprehension at our meetings.

You know how a dog smells fear? You know how everybody says a horse can sense this and a dog can sense that? Guess what? People can sense that in each other. And I could sense she was terrified and insecure that my involvement would help. I didn’t want that hanging over my head, just in case.

I’ve seen this diagram countless times and heard Esther Hicks speak through Abraham about the emotional landings people find themselves around various issues in their lives. Here is a peek.

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My client landed most days on #22. She felt fear of putting herself out there (sales) and despair because she felt she didn’t have the power to control her fear nor move out of it.

So we worked a little magic together.

I am going to give you a one-sided dialogue as she worked her way up this scale. I recommend you substitute any fear you may have in place of sales or selling and recite the same things she went through. Here we go:

22—I am fearful of putting myself out there and feel I have zero power to control my fears and change.

21—I feel insecure because I’ve believed too long that selling was evil and greasy.

20—I’m resentful of those “slick car sales” types who seem to ignore the feelings (and needs) of others and appear unwilling to stop selling to me!

19—I feel such disdain and dislike at those who “tell” me I should get out there and let them know what I have for them. That I should write and show them with ease. If they only knew.

18—I’d like to get even with all those so-called experts who took my money when I set my business up and then they just left me hanging to do the rest myself.

17—I’m angry at myself and feel discouraged. I’ll never get out of this.

16—I blame my father for showing me how he handled those traveling salespeople who used to come to the door. He sicked the dog on them. He bullied them and screeched they get off this property. I watched in amazement as a young girl and didn’t realize just how his actions settled into my brain.

15—I doubt that I’ll improve my attitude anytime soon. It’s been in my craw for decades. I remember and don’t want to disappoint my father.

14—I’m disappointed in my ability to clean it up and move past this because underlying, I do want to sell my products, which can help many people.

13—I doubt if I can move past this soon because I’m failing at supporting myself.

12—I’m such a loser.

11—I’m overwhelmed at how long it’s taking me to realize it’s not about me, but about how I think. And what I think can be changed. I think.

10—How soon will this end? I’m frustrated with myself and honestly,

9—Pessimistic it’s going to be alright. I can’t see any change yet.

8—I’m tired (bored) of the struggle. I’m tired of belaboring the negativity I hold about sales and trying to wrestle it to the ground. I’m SOOO tired of this!

7—I’m ready to let it go. I want to feel that sales is an honorable profession and I’m an honorable being for wanting to sell my products. I am an honorable being and so are those who sell me what I need and want to grow my business in the world in order to sustain income and enjoy life. When I have the money, I can put it to whatever and for whomever I wish.

6—If I want to make it, I need to sell it. I’m hopeful I’m headed this way and feel I’m okay to change my mind about selling. I want to. I want to.

5—I want respect for the profession.

4—And I want to love the craft of sales and accept that sellers of all types are okay, admired, and worthy. I want that for myself.

3—I would love to feel the passion and eagerness to do this company justice by selling its products. My company. I’m honorable. I’m honorable.

2—I love knowing the potential and that the laws of the universe support me moving forward.

1—Excelling in business is excelling in sales and building quality relationships with my customers. I want them to come back to me anytime, all the time. That is love. Anything less than this love is less than me. I am thankful I have the potential, the brains, the stamina, and skills to do this. I love sales!

What do you think? Did she learn how to sell herself on selling? I think she did a splendid job.

Gary Vaynerchuk recently posted: “People need to be the CEO of their own brand (themselves) and treat that as a continuous value to companies, and customers, by being authentic and relatable.”

Kind of boils down to: sell yourself because no one else will, right?

Tell me, did this process resonate with you? Is there something niggling in the back of your mind even if you may not be afraid of, but not accepted yet? Are you carrying a load of resistance on your shoulders right now?

Try this out for yourself, then let me know how it worked for you. I highly recommend running through from bottom 22) to top 1) on anything—this global COVID-19 issue seems a likely item. It may surprise you what you’ll discover about yourself and how effective you are handling acceptance (or resistance) to what may seem totally out of your control.

Speaking of out of control, I had my share of figuring out why I felt anger, disappointment, and frustration for several situations from my life. One day I will share my process clearing around money. Hahaha. Not today!

You can do this process in a few minutes, a few hours, or you could land up the scale in days. And it depends where you start. There are no rules, just your opportunity to move up energetically for more joy in your life.

For now, stay well and stay profitable!


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