Do you have nomophobia – the irrational fear of being without your phone?

Seriously, there is such a phobia! I didn’t think I did, but the other day I left the house, drove almost half an hour up the hi-way, and realized I didn’t have mine!

I panicked.  Truly, I panicked.  So I turned around, drove back the half hour to get my ever-lovin-stress inducing cellphone! Took me an extra hour to get to where I was going!

So let me ask you? Heh heh, I feel like Lucy asking Charlie Brown, “Are you afraid of responsibility? If you are, then you have hypengyophobia. How about cats? If you’re afraid of cats, you have ailurophasia. Are you afraid of staircases? If you are, then you have climacaphobia. Maybe you have thalassophobia. This is fear of the ocean… or gephyrobia [sic], which is the fear of crossing bridges. Or maybe you have pantophobia. Do you think you have pantophobia?

Charlie Brown asks, “What’s pantophobia?

Lucy answers, “The fear of everything!”

Charlie Brown emphatically cries, “THAT’S IT!

(Thanks to Merriam-Webster Dictionary for thus great breakdown of phobias!)

So how about it?  Panic sets in? Or you could take it or leave it?  Hey, give me your phone for a sec!

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