We’ve all made this dumb mistake.

You get it into your head you want that toy.

You hum. Then you haw. You look into your bank account and the reserve just isn’t there.

But it pulls you in. It sucks you in. You don’t put it off until you can afford it. You put it on your credit card and if you’re lucky, you pay a little more than minimum payment.

Or you take out a loan and the payments haunt you for several years.

Nothing gets saved.

Then few weeks, months, maybe years later…

…A Massive house or car expense looms up!!

Now what? No money, but boy do you have a nice toy!

Could be you?

I’ve known Susan for while and we have an honest relationship.

I tell her I’m the exact opposite of the above scenario!

She tells me she’s not. It’s her story!

So of course I mention my program, Spending Stupid? Or Saving Smart.

Susan signed up and here’s what happened.

In the beginning of your program I was about the 40 mark which was too high on your ladder. I came to realize that we had always relied on that paycheck, never saved a nickel, blew it all on toys and leather furniture. Did we really need it? No.
I look at others who pay themselves first, yet their mortgage and vehicles are paid off. They aren’t one’s going after the toys, but now have that security that we want.
Fast forward to now and your Debt Challenge Program.

Taking stock that hubby now has to find a job and it won’t be the same high paying one he had before. Finances now to fix the vehicle so he can get to work at a new job. We  should have kept it up, but went oh we’ll just buy a new vehicle. NOT going to happen. He always had a company vehicle to drive anyways for work. Now we need this truck.
My car, sure it has some rust but it’s still economical and I love it. So why trade it? NOT going to happen.  Motorcycle we bought 7 years ago on a payment plan paid off in September 2015.  That money was then going to a new truck hubby said. NOT going to happen.
We lost our high limit credit card in all this. I have one for me, nothing in hubbies name at all. Credit rating crashed to beyond poor.  Building to get it back up.

Quite the story isn’t it?  What did Susan gain from the program? AWARENESS!

A kick in the proverbial ya-but… that living higher on a hog doesn’t amount to much if you don’t take care of your longer term needs.  And longer term needs always need to be taken care of!

The process isn’t instant, nor is it miraculous. However, you could score a big financial windfall and handle all the expenses. If that’s the case, at least now knowing what works and doesn’t sits nicely on your brain to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Susan went on to share that she and her husband have a plan!

I applied for a new job – one day a week out of the house only, the rest of the hours I can do in my house to prep. 20 – 30 hours a week. Yup, I can work around my fibro and the bad days, and I can still do my coaching when I set up the times.
Hubby can find a new job at a lesser pay. Now the money from my bike is going to fix the truck, my motorcycle which I rode only a few times is up for sale. This will go to repairs when we get it sold. In the meantime we work around my job and his with our one vehicle or he rides his motorcycle to work. My bike is sitting in a shed gathering dust and not road dust.  The bike payments on hubbies bike we will be free of in the Fall will then go to living comfortably, investing, and house repairs.
My income will partially go into a savings account, and for us to offset a lower paycheck and pay down the debt we have.
Yup it all came to a crunch. Sitting down and hitting it head on was there. I did not want to answer the phone and talk to creditors. I do now. And I tell them the truth. It will now take us two years of steady payments to get back our AAA credit ratings. Do I want another credit card? Nope. Paying with cash and being more accountable. Even Debit/Visa is a pain as we swipe and swipe and not see it going out of the account as paper money does out of hand.

Wow – great job Susan! Implementing ONE thing at a time and one after ANOTHER.

Next thing you know Susan, you will find yourself free of debt, extra money in the bank, and feeling good about the rest of your life!

That’s a target to set and look forward to.  That’s how you too can chose to set your own destiny.

Great job!


P.S. One last one – become a MASTER at using your brain to plan out your financial journey. Use stories in your writing. Journal out where you are, plan out where you want to be and for darn sure, don’t spend unless it fits into the scheme of your plan of action.

This is a simple one to get good at fast… but you also need to do what is outlined in my program, Spending Stupid? Or Saving Smart!

I am offering the 21 day debt habit reduction program again, the one that Susan just completed – that EXACT same program…

…for $21!

How’s THAT for a no-brainer?

Please grab it now before I change my mind (that’s been known to happen before!)

You can just go here and grab it for $21…

P.P.S.  I want to leave you with this Esther Hicks (Abraham) quote:

“Making Peace with My Today Will Improve My Future… It may sound odd, but the fastest way to get to a new-and-improved situation is to make peace with your current situation.

By making lists of the most positive aspects you can find about your current situation, you then release your resistance to the improvements that are waiting for you.

But if you rail against the injustices of your current situation, you hold yourself in Vibrational alignment with what you do not want, and you cannot then move in the direction of improvement. It defies Law. In every particle of the Universe, there is that which is wanted – and the lack of it.”

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