Debt is a Delicate Subject

This is the next powerful audio lesson ready for you. It’s like you’ve never experienced before! It’s the deep cleansing of the blob you met the other day!

If you haven’t listened to the previous audio where you find where your sticky negative belief resides in your body that pushes and shoves and insists you spend, despite your financial situation, listen there first.

Listen there first, otherwise this audio will make no sense!

Go back to the Day 3 email or listen here:

Then come back and do this one! Gosh you’re in for a surprise and pleasant treat!

Now, once you meet your energetic blob… yes, it’s a chunk of grey energy stuck in your body.  It controls your spending and leads your life!

There are probably quite a few more blobs, however, this one you discovered has the ignition key that triggers the others.

You’re probably thinking already about how challenging changing a habit can be… that is, if you believe it’s difficult.  So the first thing I want you to do is to trust yourself and change your mind about the level of difficulty to change a habit. Tell yourself, “I can change my habits easily and effortlessly.

Second, energy is a scientific finding. Scientists like Albert Einstein have proved that energy exists beyond being a theory, but that we too are made up of energy. The mathematical equation E=MC squared defines our mass, our bodies and ultimately, science also proves energy can not be created nor destroyed.

Instead, it shifts and changes and can be sent elsewhere.

Debt, the 4-letter word is a delicate subject for most people.  People in debt do not want others to know their situations.

And that’s okay. I don’t need to know your financial situation and neither should you worry that others in the group will know your situation… that is unless you share it.


What’s trust? Keeping your agreements with yourself!

Say thank you to the discomfort of debt … and let’s now get to this new audio meditative exercise to look deeper at the blob.

So let’s go the the audio now and learn how to apply the tool to reduce it’s power over you.

Audio time!

You’re going to love this exercise!

Great job today!


P.S.  Remember, open the emails, act on the advice and exercises, and most of all, acknowledge and congratulate yourself for this commitment. Post a comment below. Let me know your experience. And see you tomorrow.

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