Action Step to Forgive Yourself (and Others for allowing Debt)

Listen to the audio  here. You may wish to read the process or listen staight away.  Either way, you are in for a treat!



Written instructions:

Find a quiet space and sit upright in a chair.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow it to filter throughout your body.

See a transparent rose out in front of you. Let this rose become you, your essence, your being.

Make a wish about how you want to change your relationship with money and the lack of money. Both versions work for you. Simply think about how much you are willing and invested staying out of debt as the wish you want to forgive of yourself.

Now drop the energy of the idea you wish to forgive onto the rose as if you were watering it.

Good job.

Pay attention to what you see in your mind’s eye.

Here’s how you will read that rose about yourself. First, set the intention that you are going to get your answers.

FLOWER:  Ask the flower head what do you need to do in your life to release the hold someone or something else (debt related) had on you. The flower will send you words, feelings, imagines or messages that you need to know. Talk aloud for 1 minute.

Just start talking out loud about what you see. If you see a color, what does the color mean? Is there any energy that would prevent you from letting this pain go? Any dark patches? What do they mean? Keep talking out loud for another minute or so.

STEM: Now read the stem. Similarly, ask the stem for answers to more questions. Ask what is your joy, closure or peace of mind grounded to? What is the energy that could prevent your joy, closure or peace of mind grounded to? Talk out loud to yourself for at least 1 minute. Good job.

LEAVES: Now read the leaves on the left side of your rose. Ask things like, how will your forgiveness and peace of mind affect others?

Now read the leaves on the right. Ask about how will your forgiveness and peace of mind affect you?

Just keep asking for the information and keep talking out loud to yourself. Take at least 1 minute or more per side.

You are learning a valuable skill here.

Sometimes it will feel easy, sometimes it will feel hard, but validate yourself in the process of learning this SKILL.

Reading a rose showing your essence is natural and everyone has the ability to do this. Your essence shows up and all you have to do is reclaim your power.

Here’s where it gets really slick and effective.

Imagine a bubble out in front of you that has a powerful magnet inside.

Allow the magnet to pull out the undesirable energy that prevents you from forgiving. You can even allow the magnet to pull the rose up into it.

Include everything you saw so far. The situation, the person, the debt, the bank account, the spending, your feelings, your pain. Allow the magnet to “swoosh” all the energy into it.

Swoosh that rose into the bubble.

Next imagine at a second bubble beside the first. In this second one is another very powerful magnet.

Allow this second magnet to draw all your special and loving energy out of the first bubble. Allow the second magnet to pull your power back from the person, debt situation or issue out of the first bubble. You want to draw back all your power you originally put into that first bubble.

When you feel the transference of good energy is complete into the second bubble, look at it, appreciate it, say thank you for its services up to now and you no longer need it. Pop the first bubble and let it go.

Take the 2nd bubble and bring it into you.

Imagine you place it onto your heart, or stomach, or wherever you feel comfortable.

Now pop the 2nd bubble inside of you and allow your power to saturate throughout your entire body. Ahhh. Let the positive energy flow inside and welcome it. Validate yourself for an energetic shift well done.

You may think this absurd, however, I remind you that imagination is the most powerful mechanism to create results.

And energy is who you are made up of. You are just shifting and playing with it whenever you need to. Enjoy the process. It works magic!

Appreciate yourself for doing this incredible tactic for yourself.

What else will you do today as an action step to decrease your debt weight and increase your appreciation of your wealth?

Great job today!


P.S. Would love to hear your comments below. And see you tomorrow.

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