You’re in Pain! 

You feel you’re wasting your life.

Is your relationship suffering?

Is your pain because your subconscious is running the show and you can’t figure out what’s going on?

You can’t figure out your health problems?

Or it’s something you don’t even want to say out loud!

It’s stuck energy. And your pain can be erased!

Here is some research that will blow your mind!

In homeopathy, the positive happy vibe – you know the cover-up phoney, “Oh, everything’s fine smile smile!”…..leads to spiritual poverty and is the cause of cancer!

The remedy for the cancer comes from diseased cancerous breast tissue, the epitome of human nature. The expression of fear, pain, or angry is the cure!  It’s the relief in energy cures the disease in the tissue.

In other words, in order to cure cancer, you must be willing to validate and express what is.

And the fear, pain, negatively and anger are what is! They are what is going on!

What is, is fear, pain anger, and so on.  Without the validation of these energies, cancer can’t cure itself out of the body!

All the happy thoughts covering all these things aren’t going to do it!

Be willing to express the rage in your life!  When you’re willing to address the energy – the elephant in the room head on, then you can do something about it!

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