Feed the fire. What happens? It grows into a bright, tall, hot, flame. And you could get burned.

But if you turn away, stop feeding into the embers or pushing buttons, it fizzles and dies.

If the flame is tense, negative and filled with criticism, you will get hurt.

On the contrary, if the flame you are feeding is positive and filled with support and love, you will feel it’s warmth and glow.

Please, this season, notice the difference in the fires you feed.

Don’t let it be you in this time of celebration, festivities and family gatherings, fueling negativity.

Use the fire as a metaphor for relationship because, frankly, not everyone understands this. Feed the goodness.

And frankly, not everyone enjoys or has the opportunity that others may have.

But that’s not new to a holiday season, which by the way, we celebrate on a monthly basis throughout the year and not just this time.

There’s New Years, and Valentines, and drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, and of course Fourth of July for Americans and July 1st for Canadians! Let us not forget Thanksgiving in October and November depending where you live.

Remembrance or Memorial Days are also days of celebration, maybe not in the full board hoopla other seasons display, but celebration from the heart of appreciation and good will of mankind.

So why shouldn’t this Christmas be any different? Why shouldn’t all peoples enjoy each other’s company, family or foe, stranger or neighbor?

Because what I’m seeing, especially on social media threads and videos, a rampant run of criticizing each other.

I personally know several wonderful people who have taken themselves out of the loop because it’s caustic to comment.

I’ve seen entire Facebook groups of people attack and collectively bash just to feel good about themselves.

That’s what teen gangs are about, a collective of seemingly supportive kids, despite the good or bad consequences of their actions. Well, on social media, apparently, age has no boundaries.

Many simply bring it into mainstream, world viewed, social media.

How about this instead: Please, learn to curb your tongue, open your heart, and listen instead of criticize.

Offer only the good and positive about people, offer solutions, and offer your support. Feed the fire with blessings of good will. Otherwise you feed a negative influence that will burn out of control and destroy what’s in its path.

You know this. What you focus on expands. What you poke will poke back twice as hard. Lessons are to be learned. Besides, when you begin to offer fellowship and good tidings in your own circle of influence, that too expands and the ripple effect is miraculous.

You don’t know to whom it will touch and besides, you then reduce the negative clamor this world seems to be fueled with.

Enjoy your holidays; enjoy the people around you. Now and for the next and the next years to come.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Aunti P (Patricia)

P.S. Please do leave your comments below and have a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to you.



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