What really happens when you have too much on your mind?

I come home after a very stressful day at work. Changes are happening with the internal systems. There was expectation to know what to do with the new information, however nobody thought about training or support. Stress to me by my definition means I’m getting anxious and completely pissed off.

That frustration takes a toll if not handled and dealt with sooner than later.  But I don’t deal with it and it’s hitting a threshold I don’t think I can cope with much more.

I’m home, walk in the door and straight  to the wine bottle. I grab a deep long stemmed glass and fill it. The glurp, glurp sounds refreshing and I’m calmer already.

I drink about half a glass, feel better and go upstairs to change into my home clothes.

I want to cut the lawn before supper.

I change and as I head to the landing down, I feel this weird sensation creeping above my head.

It feels like a cloud is floating down onto my head. I think I can even see it. It’s grey and wispy.

I bend to escape it. It follows me. I shift left. It follows me. Right. Still there. Now I’m freaking it could be aliens!

I’m scared because I can’t shake it. It settles on top of my brain.

I am on the floor by now in my attempt to sneak  away. It settles in. I cry like a little baby.

I realize my memory’s affected. When a moment ago I literally had instant recall, now my brain is fuzzy and I am forgetting what I just thought about. I can’t seem to hold a thought long enough to do something with it.

What the hell!?

I was supposed to memorize some verses for a production I signed up for yesterday. I can’t remember the title!
That was almost a decade ago.


I never really shared my experience with anyone until now.


Back then, I write lists for activities I once could hold in my brain for days.

What happened? Brain fog. Stress induced. As a financial manager remembering gave me advantages over others. Remembering gave me confidence I could do anything.

Not remembering pisses me off!

That said I realize I am still in a stress mode but now over my memory condition.

My healing research begins in earnest.

Hence coloring Mandalas and pictures to release stress and rebuild my brain became my daily routine.

I reversed my fog and believe I can live out my life without dementia or any form of this chaotic dis-ease.

Stress sucks. But it can be reversed!

This is the coloring booklet of mandalas, pictures and inspirations I used to heal my brain.

My mission is to help heal brains that begin fading.  It doesn’t have to disrupt life. Add de-stress to your daily routine and see the difference almost immediately.

I put it together for you. Heal. Heal. Heal.

It’s on Amazon now so click here and grab it. It’s under $10 and worth a healthy happy life!

Just get it. And share it! Let’s get our brains and sanity back!

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