I talk a lot about energy. I read energy and help people release those energetic blocks that don’t support them in achieving greater satisfaction in career, relationships, love, money or from any area that is of importance to them.

Lots of you have asked for more details about what I mean about energy.

First let me list the areas most affected by energy blocks, particularly the learned attitudes and decisions from childhood. They include:


1.  Your relationship with your body and basic survival mechanisms you use to take care of yourself

2.  Your relationship with your emotions and your sexuality

3.  Your ability to create your income, your career, the things in your life

4.  Love for yourself and others

5.  Communication with yourself and with others

6.  Your spirituality and approach to life

7.  First impressions: what people notice about you based on what you are willing to show.

I will write more about each in subsequent articles. For now, I want to spend some time on the 5th one – Communication.

You know I write about how people pick up on your energy whether you speak to them or write to them.

That means what you produce on your websites, your marketing material, your grocery list or your Valentines Card, radiates an energy from within you which comes from love and ease or pain and struggle. Believe it or not, people pick up on those innuendos.

So I want to offer an example – mine around the area of communication (#5).

When I was a child, I was precocious, outspoken, sang and spoke two languages by the time I was 3 years old! But I didn’t always have my mother’s attention when I wanted it. I worked really hard to get that attention. But she was occupied with more children and I recall being shushed, spanked and finger pointed to, “Listen to momma, quiet, sit down, or I won’t love you!”

 I was a child. I took her seriously because I needed her to love me.

So I became shy, obedient, and believed a very, very, harmful notion:  that if I asked for or said what I really wanted to say, I would be punished.  I wouldn’t be loved if I spoke out.  It is dangerous to communicate how I feel.

I developed some symptoms of that lie.

What happens to stuck energy is it manifests in remarkable ways.  I had severe neck tensions, throat irritations and aching shoulders most of my life. I discovered that the blocks were communication fears stuck there.

Once I discovered the source, I was able to release my mother’s energy out of myself and literally give it back to her through powerful tools I’ve learned to release energy.

I released the energy blocks and my neck and shoulders softened. My relationship with my mother changed. We are friends and equals as women. Plus, I can laugh now at her only option to control me – guilt me by withholding love threats! That was her only way to control the situation.

I only have compassion for her now. She was in her early 20’s, 4 brilliant children under the ages of 5 and what’s a woman to do!

Here’s what else happened.

Not only did the blocks manifest physically, I experienced what I called a “self-fulfilling prophecy” most of my life.

Because I made the decision that it was dangerous to communicate, every time I spoke out, I was shushed, even in adulthood.

My written work was constantly criticized.  My opinions were invalidated. I learned to keep my mouth shut even when it would have been advantageous to say something. I was bullied verbally even from whom I perceived as gentle souls!

Early in my career, I was a teacher. I allowed my students to nip at me. So I quit.

I started writing. My clients withheld fees. So I quit.

I was confused for a very long time. Until I figured it out.

You may relate to some of this yourself.

I now offer coaching and energy reading to women (and men) who want to find what may be blocking them from achieving success. I help them recognize their long term “self-fulfilling prophecy”.  If you want to discover what blocks you from making better choices in your business or personal life, go now and check my special programs page and see which module resonates for you.

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