I love this lady – this woman – a wonderful, caring person!

Of course, it helps that I’m featured as a testimonial on her brand spanking new website https://pivothacks.com/    front page!

The truth is, before I spoke with Heather Lloyd-Martin, I was frustrated with just writing copy. Shortly after I had my little session with her, I became certified as a proofreader and proofed and edited many manuscripts since. I added editing and proofreading to my content writing business. The best news is I’m in the process of finalizing a full-time remote content writing AND editing gig—sooooo up my alley I’m shaking with anticipation.

Thanks to Heather for listening at the time and I genuinely believe her coaching will inspire you to achieve your desires.
Check Heather’s page here. It’s what you’ve been looking for!
Blessing and have a great day,



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