A cat and a canary lived in the same house, and were very kind and friendly towards each other.

Surprised? Thought so.

It was Christmas and they were both excited and content at the same time with all the food and smells and activity happening throughout the house.

One evening there was no one in the kitchen except the bird and the cat. Mother had gone upstairs, leaving a bowl full of dough to rise by the oven which was baking a ham. The kitchen was nice and warm.

Before long the cat bounced up the stairs, mewing and making signs for mother to come down. The cat jumped up and seized mother’s apron, and tried to pull her along.

What could be the matter? What had happened?

Mother went downstairs to see, and there was poor Princess shrieking, chirping as loudly as it could calling out, flapping her wings, and struggling with all her might “up to her knees” in dough, And boy was the little canary stuck quite fast.

Of course hurriedly, mother gently lifted the bird out, and cleaned the dough from her legs.

She looked down at the cat and was pleased and surprised.

If kitty had not been her kind friend, and run for help, canary would have sunk farther and farther into the dough, and perhaps in the end would have been smothered.

Aunti Says… the moral of the story is if a Cat can help a Bird, surely sisters and brothers, friends and neighbours alike should be able to get along and help each other this time of year!

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