I hope you're enjoying the day and staying grounded whether it’s the busy holiday season, birthday, family celebration or just a regular day for you right now.

Here’s another “Take your Power Back” tip I'm happy to share with you. It's my joy to gift  these tips to you.

Here's what I'm going to help you with today

What is the #1 complaint of most busy and conscientious women?


Specifically, too many choices, not enough time. What’s more, most women experience a lack of clarity as to what to handle when and in what order.

To cope, many women shut their eyes, grit their teeth and make a stab at trying to figure out
what to focus on first. But this isn't a strategy for success and in fact, is a highly risky way of
trying to create a healthy relationship and a healthy lifestyle in general!

For example, this past week I had grocery shopping to do for 2 different occasions.  I made the mistake of “jotting” general items for both parties on one list. And the list was pretty  sketchy at best!

Needless to say, when I returned, I missed major items – like the extra butter and milk I needed for the first occasion. I felt distracted, angry with myself, and things didn’t get better the rest of the day!

If you’re like me, and you don’t make a concise list of items for each separate occasion, the muddle floats up into your brain and all heck breaks loose!

Let me help you solve this right now with this tip.

I’ve posted a tiny part of one of my most popular modules
Module One: Your “Real” Characteristics – You were not born passive!

It’s here I guide participants to use this strategy in their own lives and then apply it to their relationships and ultimately into their businesses.

FIRST: Start by taking stock of who you already are even if you don’t feel so proud right now.

Why?  Because this is the surest way to recognize that you are to be validated for exactly who you are! Not a false, pretend you, but the inner core of your very being.

This is so important – validate who you are – and yet, something ALL women need to focus on.

THEN: No matter what activity you choose to do next, you do it from a position of greater strength, confidence and inner appreciation.

What happens suddenly is that people around you feel the difference in you. 

When you validate yourself,  this reflects in your decisions, choices and how people relate to you.

You find that you will want to make a concise list of steps, items, or even grocery list that pertains exclusively to the one event!  Guaranteed!

You simplify your thought process and things unfold easily.

Surprised?  I was too at first.  But then, the more I practiced validating who I was, and not waiting for someone outside me to do it for me – nor trying to be someone else – well literally magic happened.

What happens is, you “Take your power back!”

There's more to the “Your Real Characteristics” module than I can share with you here but this will at least get you started.

I've used the Special Program 5 Module process with dozens of clients and they swear their partners and families think they flipped a switch to happy!

They can’t figure it out so much, but they sure like it!

I love it because it beautifully positions you to take any power back you may unconsciously leave behind in the grocery store, in the kitchen, and even in the bedroom!

Who can operate depleted! Not us!

Validating yourself is such a tiny, common sense strategy, but boy do we forget to do it! You never have to worry, wonder or get overwhelmed about what to do next or where your energy will be coming from. What a relief, right?!

Listen, I will have more details coming about this miraculous 5 module Special Process to “Take Your Power Back”.

In the mean time why don’t you go to the Special Programs webpage and read a bit more.

I’ll share more in later tips.

Here's the link to read about the other modules as well.


Have an awesome week and great job today!


P.S. If you're becoming frazzled or overwhelmed with planning activities then I HIGHLY recommend at least telling yourself once in the morning, once at lunch and once at supper that you rock – say this outloud right now.


Now didn't that feel great?  Validate yourself because if you don't start now yourself first, others won't buy into it either!

I know you know what I mean!

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