Bored is Beautiful!  

Seriously? Let me explain.

Two things you need to know:

  1. Are you aware that the low vibration of shame is the #1 reason people do not go after their dreams? Feeling guilty about how you might write poorly, deepens an unworthiness that prevents you from finishing that book or writing that sales page to promote yourself. What’s worse…
  2. Competing for attention is a losing battle. The more you compare yourself to others, the more energy you drop. You become weaker, thinner, next to invisible as you disappear in people’s minds.

Fear not; the solution is simple.

Be yourself, show yourself, offer yourself in your original energy; once you do, the shame disappears and your writing becomes stronger. More people want to hear from you.

When you decide to be happy because what you’ve created is well written, grammatically and punctuation error-free and ready for the public, you’re feeling confident and reassured what you put out is quality.

Stop feeling shame that you can’t create the best book and best sales webpage to promote your book. Doesn’t matter because you have me in your back pocket!

Instead, feel good, savour the experience, and take it in—for you!

Sit back, get bored, and trust your work welcomes more and more readers.

Here’s how:

When I was little, my biggest most earnest desire was to feel special. I felt like the whole universe revolved around me and my whims. Yes, every child is the same and things don’t change much when we get older, right?

So today I am here to make YOU feel like THE most special person to ever walk the face of the internet.


I am releasing my best offer, and you are the first to know about it. I’m offering a 50% discount month of March only. Proofreading with researched SEO in mind is THE ONLY system that shows your readers:

  • your intelligence and respectful use of language
  • that clean copy with added SEO phrasing can be done in two days
  • you feel accomplished and ready to publish feeling confident and without shame
  • move up the energy scale from shame to hopeful, ease, joyful and feel like you belong as an author
  • AND feel prepared, accomplished, significant, worthy, happy, and interesting.

Plus, I’m giving you a special half off promotion for March!

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Here is why you should be jumping up and down about this opportunity:

So you can FINALLY stop running from solution to solution, guru to guru, one false promise to the next and finally start seeing results.

When you invest in my Proofreading and SEO special offer, you get instant access to me; you can start asking questions within the next thirty seconds and start seeing results in as little as two days.

Here is why I am doing this:

Because I believe someone as unique as you, should have access to the respect you deserve as a writer and author, something as unique as this…it’s a match made in heaven, and I am just a humble match-maker!

If you need some more proof, check out these beautiful testimonials:

“Ease the Book Writing Struggles!”
“You are a genius, Patricia Ogilvie. All your help and great suggestions have been of great help to me. God bless you Patricia.  I honestly wished I contacted you before now. You are a Star! I couldn’t have completed this project without you. Your expertise is very commendable and highly appreciated.  When i met you , you gave my project a total twist. I will encourage many more to work with you. As a coach and best Selling author you will surely impact the World. You are loved and well appreciated.” Vowero, Professional Speaker


Thank You for Literally Spelling it Out!”

“Best editor in the world!  I couldn’t have done it without you!” Terry Mudryk, Author/Essential Oils Expert


“Feels Good Knowing It Is Well Written”
“This is the first time I’ve used Patricia as an editor, and she was fantastic. Not only that, but she completed the job in record time, and was able to help me meet my deadline. I would highly recommend her! Kelly Woodhouse Falardeau, Professional Inspirational Speaker

Here is what you should do next:

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Here is why you should do it right now:
Because by this time next week, you will be basking in the knowledge that you are not only unique but also an action-taker and an excuse-buster, ready to publish your work, and sell it outright.

Now THAT is worth every single penny! Don’t you think?

Oh and one more thing. After we’ve worked together, sit back, bored and content! 50% off is rare, and you get the benefit of it this month!

Enjoy, and welcome,


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