I am stoked to announce that “The Fame Factors—Modern Day Business Communications to Help Close the Deal” is now available on Amazon!

This is the NEW revised 2nd Edition of an award-winning little book that offered a proven plan of action for creating business recognition written almost twelve years ago!  Today it’s as relevant as ever, but with a profusion of strategies how to escape the fears that could be holding you back from success, a mindset prep that guides you to overcome fear as you are growing your business.

Chapter 3 is a huge new pocket of known and mysterious ways to position yourself mentally for your big upleveling. Once the fear is extinguished, the writing to promote your books, wares, coaching and more begins!

I’ve launched it officially this week, and it’s hit the Top 10 on the best sellers list of short reads!

Canadian link is here: The Fame Factors (my U.S. friends, use link above)

It covers fears, how to recognize and shift away from fear, then how to write persuasive marketing messages to entice your prospects. Give yourself a gift for your business mind and anyone else who you know could use a helping hand communicating inspiring words.

The perfect gift for yourself or a friend who is trying to sell a book, a course, or product.  Here’s what Debra from New York had to say:

This book is chocked full of very specific techniques on everything from writing headlines to creating passionate copy guaranteed to get the attention of potential customers. The author addresses philosophical perspectives on poor self-esteem and fear, followed by concrete methods for overcoming them. Interesting chapters contain scientific experiments such as the tuning fork example for identifying things that resonate – and that’s only one. This book is resplendent with great advice and valuable tools. And just when you feel you’ve gotten more than you expected…there is one bonus after another. A GREAT read with a real WOW factor!

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