Would it be very awkward if I just come right out and say that I love you? I do! I am hoping you believe me enough to keep reading this post (you should not, you must not stop…the future of eliminating coal filled stockings depends on that)!

OK so here’s the thing, I have just created a brand new purse-sized journal/adult coloring booklet which I think is the best thing that ever happened to the human race in the past 1000 years (a rough estimate) and all of these people agree:

“What a delightful, creative and fun way to face color-through fears. We can all benefit from taking a few moments a day to regroup, mentally, physically and emotionally.”  – PM

“A whimsical and poignant approach to the deeply held fear of not having enough… In this delightful coloring book for adults, Patricia names the elephant that invades so many of our living rooms. – EL

I know how great this little journal is and I know how this can change the lives of so many people and THAT is why I want it to reach as many people as possible. Especially your writers and authors out there. You need a break!

The bottom line is this: I would love to have you on my team and help get the word out…and get your people to see you as the enabler of a massive life shift…sounds cool right?

Arguably the #1 human need is food. But who wants to find food in their stocking this holiday season?? Not you!

My company Prorisk Enterprises and I are setting the goal to fill 500 stockings this year. That sounds like a lot of journals, but if just 500 people get a book each, or 250 grab two books or a hundred people order 5 books for your friends and family, we’ll reach it. There are so many of us I’m sure we can reach that goal and more!

Think of how many people will have a special one-of-a-kind gift this year.

You can order your copies here! 

You can shop for specific food items like peanuts or crackers or cake—they won’t last—not in a stocking. But a journal will take you beyond the season and help you get clear what your desires are for the coming year.

Thanks for all your support. Looking forward to creating some magic together.

Here’s that link again.

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