Once upon a time a little girl from the farm used to sneak into her mama’s books and read as fast and often as she could. She dreamed one day of having her name beside the BY on that cover. And that one day came.

Today I launched a new book, How to Keep the Ground from Shaking. It’s now #3 best seller in Canada, and wait for it — #1 in France!

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It’s short read. It’s part story and part getting real with a life tossed in issue – alcohol.

And it’s funny.

The softcover is on it’s way, but I thought you would like to check out the Kindle version.

It’ll leave you wondering and settled at the same time.

Find it on Amazon dot your country of origin or go to my http://proriskenterprises.com/shop/ page a look for it there.

Either way, once you drift into the content, you will find yourself curious about your own addictions, choices and how to beat them beyond recognition.

I leave you with this, you are important and of value. Treat yourself with respect!

Blessings, Patricia

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