My best stuff, on a silver platter at 90% off. Sounds too good to be true right?

For once IT IS TRUE and there is no catch either woot, woot.
For the next 4 days I’m offering you the Brainiac part of me and some of my best Warrior Proofreading for one of your sales pages on your website, or 1 chapter of your book – available at 90% off.

You can check out this jaw-dropping, earth-shattering, mind-boggling deal.

Why proof read your stuff?

If you want to create a good impression of yourself, it is vital that your writing shows the best work you are capable of achieving, and proofreading will help you to do this.

Plus, for you to communicate your content message properly to the reader, you need a writing ally to be your other set of eyes… and that’s me, all for a measly sum of $17. And you don’t even have to sell your soul for that. It’s a win win WIN!

P.S. This epic deal ends at Midnight, January 7, 2018 so if you would like to get access to me and the powerful skill of proof reading, you better hurry. Here’s the link again:

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