Don’t you just love surprises…good surprises…feeling like you are THE most special person to ever walk the face of the internet and most importantly…. feeling like someone out there actually knows about your existence and CARES!

And isn’t it about time you felt like someone really cared about you instead of you ALWAYS caring about others and what they think and say? Yuck! Time to stop beating yourself up! Because I do care and today is the day I make you feel like that person because guess what? You REALLY are that special!

I am releasing my latest creation and you are the first to know about it! My new book, I wish I Could(n’t) Care Less is THE ONLY short read that proves you can and should control your own destiny.

It erases all doubt you are NOT here to please others!

Here is why you should be jumping up and down about this opportunity:

You can FINALLY stop running from your need to please others and know in your heart, you count no matter what you think others think! You can finally start seeing results. If you were convinced that you weren’t smart enough or good enough and that somebody else should make the decisions for you – and worse, you went along with them – you should go get your personally autographed copy here.

Read the book! These next few moments will change your life.

Here is what else I am doing for you. I am offering this one time only: 

My Birthday Bash Book Sale of “I Wish I Could(n’t) Care Less!!!

If you missed my Black Friday special, you are in for a treat!

I am offering my new book, “I Wish I Could(n’t) Care Less” personally autographed. You can get your “Personally Autographed Copy Today!

Click the link below and order your copy.

And there’s more!

As a special birthday bash bonus, I am drawing 2 names who will win the autographed book for FREE!

Type #birthdaybashbook in the comments below and the winner could be you!

Birthday Bash Book is officially launching December 4, 2017! Pre-order today and you get an autographed copy arriving in time for the holiday season!

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