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Having a coach  REALLY WORKS!

I’ll be honest:

As a young Canadian girl raised by traditional Ukrainian parents, I admit I lost myself.

My mother was grooming me to be a meticulous housekeeper and cook. I learned and saw value but didn’t feel like this was my calling.

My father saw my writing and typing proficiency, bought me an old electric typewriter when I was 10 and wanted me to be a secretary.

This shocked the heck out of me because I always thought I would “have” a secretary, not be one!

As a result, because I valued both my parents guidance, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be.

Any inkling was met with guilt because it wasn’t what mom and dad showed me.

Soooooo it took me upwards of several decades to release their desire and tap into my own.

I felt lost like a cork on the ocean. Bobbing and floating into any direction the currents and waves took me.

Bobbling.  Bobbing and weaving to the tune of others.

One day, I said enough.

That day was when I realized I could see energy, read people from inside out and wha-la. Coach became my journey.

A coach by the way does not give advice. A coach guides and asks and allows you to find your own direction.

This is important to understand.

You know what you want and you just need someone to pull it out of you.

That’s me. I can read your energy and remind you how brilliant, beautiful and worthy you are even when you can’t see it for yourself.

Let’s take 45 minutes together  and I’ll show you a side of you that you may have forgotten.

Here's How It Works

And if the thought of discovering who you really are slightly freaks you out…you might want to check out my brand new training:

Let’s find the real you! Fearless & Lovable.

In this virtual communications, I’ll walk you through step by step on how to tap into your soul desire and what may be blocking it.

And you’ll get the opportunity to feel that part of you that wants to get out.

Your investment? The investment is $120 or two installments of $65.

You save $10 if you pay full price.

Don’t just dream about your journey to grace. State it out loud, see it, and tap into it energetically.

Pay now, we book a time. It is YOUR time to be seen and heard.

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