You’ve probably noticed that, economically speaking, there’s a bit of a kerfuffle out there!

In a recent unsolicited poll on Facebook, one very successful woman public figure, asked her list of over 70,000 followers to share their biggest want.

Taking the time to read all the little posts, I ranked them into categories. The categories didn’t surprise me; however what did surprise was how often the same wish came up over and over.

I say wish, because that’s what most of them called their desires, “I wish…” The No 1 desire was to have a quality relationship. No 2 was loose weight. No 3 reduce debt and No 4 increase general health.

The majority of responses were from women and it was freaky they all were saying the same things!

Most of you know I write newsletters and copy as well as coach business starters. Well, the other day in my copy research, I reread the 7 top reasons people buy. And guess what? The list included very similar reasons – make and save money, increase pleasure, decrease pain and improve health. Not that far off the quick poll Chalene did with her list.

Here’s something else that ran throughout the thread of comments. They actually felt that ‘someone else” could fix these for them.

So I asked myself why is it that these women, varying ages, have these particular issues that they would crawl over broken glass to have “someone else” guide and fix for them?

Why would these women have the issues in the first place?

The not so obvious thread among the wish list was their discomfort with themselves. They were overeating, under active, spending money, and then…. complaining they had debt.

Frankly, I wasn’t raised with the notion that shopping was a pleasure whether the money was there or not. And I wasn’t raised eating hides emotion. I feel very fortunate for this. But I’m not going to talk about shopaholics or overeating.

Let’s look more closely at how women are feeling about themselves.

You see, no one who has confidence that they were loved and lovely would abuse their bodies. No one who has confidence that they are skilled and valued would rack up debt just for the heck of it. And no one with confidence would even admit they were sitting idle waiting for someone or something magical to get them out of their situations!

I’m not joking here. But wait. There’s another issue running underneath here. The other thread that ran through the posts was a touch of victim mentality that their situations were the result of someone else’s fault! And who better to blame right now but the economy and the downfall of the systems!

Whoa Nellie! What’s an economy? Who’s the system?

Both represent the culmination of individuals “thinking” and “acting” the same way. If the majority of people sit back, feel they have no control over their own lives, and more and more begin to believe the same, well, no doubt the economy and the systems fail.

So how does one get into confident and inspired action?

Good question!

The first step is getting rid of negative, limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs about yourself and your situation are robbing you of the success and happiness you deserve.

You must be very aware and diligent about what you say not only to yourself, but particularly in conversation out loud. Notice if you are validating beliefs like “I don’t deserve better.” “It’s not my fault.” “Yeah, but…”

These can be shifted. The only way to actually find out if what you’re telling yourself is helpful or damaging, is take an action step.

That’s right, take action.

Here’s why action is so important.

You can’t just sit there thinking positive thoughts without DOING anything to turn around your finances.  You must take immediate inspired action, and come up with a new plan and work it. … This isn’t a magic formula; it’s practical advice with no nonsense.

What would it take for you to make a call and get some financial advice from your bank? What would it take for you to stand up, stretch, and take a short walk around the block? What would it take for you to grab a glass of water when you’d rather grab a bag of chips?

If you can’t answer these simple questions, then you have an underlying issue about taking action.

You see, something, what appears obvious is masked with an underlying fear.

Would you believe it when I say that people actually have limiting beliefs about taking action? That’s right. Maybe you have one.

What can do you about it?

I explain in detail, some simple tools to release and erase these sorts of beliefs in my new book, “The Most Powerful person on Earth!”

I’ll share one technique that has worked for hundreds of people. Consider you have an issue with taking action in general. Good, now that it’s in your consciousness, do the following simple process.

Find a comfortable chair in a quiet place. Sit upright with hands in your lap and feet on the floor. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and as you exhale, imagine your whole body relaxing. And again, take a deep breath and relax.

How To Erase Fear of Taking Action

Keep your eyes closed and imagine that you know where the tension about taking action in your body. Notice that it’s stuck there. Breathe deeply again and imagine you are expanding your body to allow it to have more space.

Pretend you are expanding space in your imagination until your body is as big as the room you sit in. Give that energy block as much space as it wants.

Good job! Now imagine that there is an energetic grounding cord connected from your tail bone down, down into the centre of the earth. You could visualize a tree trunk running from your spine deep into the earth.

Imagine the energy block is now loose and ready to fall down the tree trunk away from you. Down, down, down and away.

Allow any thoughts or feelings that say, “This is stupid.” Or “I don’t believe it.” Or “Ya, but, I can’t just let this slide away so easily!”

Allow those thoughts to flow down and away in the same way you gave that energetic block more space. Let those thoughts slide down the grounding cord or tree trunk. Gravity will draw them away from you.

If more blocks show up from what other people in your life told you, allow those to slide down. Keep doing this until you feel complete.

Great job today!

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