Week of May 8 – 13 Only – Free Energy Readings and Calming Support Calls

The evacuee’s out of Northern Alberta (primarily Ft McMurray) are experiencing a life experience no one wishes for.

Numb, confused, overwhelmed. Anxiety will take its toll in the face of traumas like being evacuated from your burning home.

To pack up and leave in a moments notice can create depression and confusion.

What should you do to take control of the fear?

Take time for yourself.
Eat well,
Distract from the trauma.
Visit a museum or walk in the mall.
Take a seat in the Space Sciences Centre and be one with the stars for an afternoon
Grab a coffee of tea and sit outside enjoying the sunshine.
Listen to the birds sing
Smell a rose
Enjoy the blossoms peeping out on the trees (the photo above is from my garden. I love this little tree, filled with aromatic blossoms)
Breathe and calm yourself.

Routine is an elusive commodity when you live in a hotel, motel, with relations, friends or in a cot in a gymnasium.

This experience could be with some for a long time – months, even years.

If you are feeling angst and can’t seem to control your fears, please please get professional psychological help. Soon.

But if you can express those anxieties in a normal healthy way by talking to someone, allow yourself reassurance you will be OK.

Especially reassure your children. They rely on you to be stronger examples.

Pick up a coloring book. Take 5 or 10 minutes to decompress.

Mediate a few moments.
And colour.

Hey listen. If you need to talk, I’m more than willing to lend an ear.

Let me know here if you could use 15 minutes (or more) energy renewal. My gift to those in angst. Write me here and we’ll connect.

Love Patricia

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