Have you ever thought about why and how it is that some professions and avocations (including homemaking) are either good choices or frustrating ones depending on what you see in their results? Why is it that some people get wealthy and are taken care of, while others are not? Why is it that some people feel and look good all the time and others don’t?

Have you ever wondered, even though you and others around you have skills that are valued, not everyone is getting paid for them? Skills such as problem solving, negotiation, understanding, handling budgets, developing relationships, and managing projects are sought after in businesses, in not-for-profits, in training and in the home? 

Then why is it … wait… there is one skill in that list above that not everyone is willing admit they don’t have the skill! It’s actually the one thing that gets in the way of prosperity vs debt…guess which one?

Ah hah! Handling budgets!

Acknowledging that you have or don’t have the skill to handle a budget (money in general) is the first step admitting you may have a problem initiating more debt than you should.

That is why you need to pick yourself up, dust off the debt fluff and begin to take better care of yourself and your family. And you should know this: poor financial handling is just a bad habit that takes over your lifestyle and can be shifted out!

What’s more, it’s important to know what is real and what is taken from your past. You need to figure out what is your belief and what you are thinking because someone else triggers an emotion, habit and the action of spending when you don’t have the resources (money, credit, loan) to pay for things.

A prime example of how growing up in an influencial environment can add or detract financial habits is my own upbringing.  My mother had zero financial (banking) skills and relied on my father for every single purchase choice. Until she decided to work (by then I was 18), she was sending signals that woman were not supposed to have money.

My father sent signals that men should have all the opportunities to earn because they had to take care of their spouses and families. I had to make a choice early on if I was going to take on one or the other or both beliefs. Somehow, something in my brain and heart cracked open and I decided, I, as a woman could just as easily learn and apply basic financial fundamentals. I, as a woman had every right to earn as much money as I wanted. And I, as a woman, didn’t have to sneak and spend and make myself feel good around my relationship with money. Phew, I got lucky!

But ladies and gentlemen, like I did, you too have to want to reduce and elliminate debt for yourself.  If you have some difficulty around this heavy topic, debt weight, here’s is a short list of what to think and do as you begin to ignite your desire to reduce debt weight:

7 keys what to think and do as you begin to ignite your desire to reduce debt weight:

1.  Make a commitment you want to get out of debt but not at the expense (pun) of sacrificing your lifestyle, and still stay within the parameters that are comfortable for you and your family.

2. Begin to believe that you can reprogram your subconscious mind (that inner chatter and direction that pops up unknowingly without your awareness and takes over the decision making process) to overcome overspending and sabotaging greater income opportunities.

3. Realize that the financial industry, credit card companies and banks WANT you to borrow and pay interest upon interest so they can stay in luxurious business! Realize that you do not have to keep them in the luxury they are accustomed. It should be you who enjoys life without the debt weight burdens.

4. Understand that over spending, over paying, looking for the next best solution to an issue that you think if buying can solve, is a rouse with hidden agenda.

5. Hitting bottom, or having a rough time financially is not an excuse to make yourself feel better by buying more! 

6. Hitting bottom, or having a rough time financially is not an excuse to make yourself feel better by buying more! Yes, you read that right, repeated!

7. Be willing to acknowledge you do sabotage your own financial well being – take responsibility and be accountable for your results.

Hit the Ignition Switch

If you are willing to ignite the passion by your willingness to accept these 7 habit forming ignition switches, you are on the road to making a huge change in your financial well-being.

And if you are ready, then here’s an exercise that will begin the process once and for all.

Grab a piece of paper and pen and write your answer to this question: “What is your first memory of going shopping (either with someone) or alone?”

Most people remember a positive experience with someone they loved, enjoyed or were treated in a special way which felt so good.

On the other hand, some remember a situation when the shopping experience was a disaster and they didn’t get what they were promised. This didn’t feel so good.

For example, your parents bought you your first car because you graduated college and they rewarded your accomplishment. So now you’ve hardwired in your brain that a huge gift must accompany accomplishment. 

Or, your fiancé proposed and gave you a cheap engagement ring promising something bigger and more spectacular, soon. Now you’re hardwired in your brain that you can’t rely on someone else so you have to create your own self satisfaction.

In both cases, now each time you feel pressured at work, or the house needs unexpected repairs or you’re about to get married, or when something disrupts your feeling good, you automatically go to the store and buy something to feel good that you are a deserving person.

The Problem is Subconscious

See the problem? It’s subconscious because of the association that good behaviour is rewarded. And it’s subconscious that not getting what you expected requires you to go get it yourself. 

And that’s okay because none of us are perfect. Yet, you can develop skills to do what you need to be secure and stable, and protect yourself and family against the dark and heaviness that debt weight creates, even though you can justify a purchase unto eternity!

Make that commitment. You’ll be surprised at the shift already happening.

And remember, great job today,


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