If you are the type of person who loves to compete, let me ask you this: are you competing with yourself about who you should be?

There is a lot of hype right now in the business sector about becoming more authentic and real about who you are, especially because social media gobbles up conversation and spews attitude. Oh yes, lots of experts right now want you to be a your real authentic you.

Even though the make a strong case, they could be leading you down the primrose path. You know the one that zigzags all over the map as you try to discover who, what where when and HOW to be productive yet stay true to yourself? You know the one?

Trouble is, if you love to compete, you might be trying to get to where you think “others” want you to be or worse, who you think you “should” be rather than you you are.

The fourth most important tip to stay true to yourself and

The fourth most important tip to stay true to yourself and continue to be productive is this: STOP focusing on the future because it takes you out of alignment with who you are today!

Let me explain. I love watching the PBS British Special Downton Abbey. As soon as the hour is over I am chopping at the bit for the next episode. Drool is rolling out my mouth in anticipation of who will Lady Mary choose? Will Lady Edith get tossed out of her home? What about Bates? Will he be discovered? OMG! My appetite is so intense, and even though the next episode is an entire week away, I think about wanting to see more, my focus stays out there.

This focus speeds up time for me because I am so wanting Sunday a week from now, that the days in between become literately a blur. Is there anything that excites you so much you can hardly wait for it?  This happens with desires and dreams in your business and other areas of your life as well.

For example, when you plan a year, 2, 5 years and more about what you want to accomplish, especially if you focus on how you want to be financially set and physically trim, you stop being in the present moment with who you are.

Time is your friend

Frankly, you do yourself a huge disservice to time. Time is your friend and your ally when you focus in the present moment and enjoy what she offers. Productivity occurs in the present moment. No other time, ever!

What else happens is you begin to compete with yourself of who you want to be in the future.

This works in reverse as well. You may be focussed on your past with as much fervour as the future.  Regrets, disappointments, lessons not learned can also be burdens to accomplishing what needs to be done today.  Which camp are you in? Do you use the debilitating word “should”? I should be here, I should be there, I should by now have, I should know better?

Sound familiar?

Retrain your focus

And that’s why it’s important to retrain your focus, not in the past or future, but to the real you here in the now moments. This is where time graces her presence to help you handle what needs to be handled right now.

And remember, great job today!


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