Win-win has become a popular expression of late. What is it exactly? It represents the spirit (energy) with which people work, play and learn together. Until we learn to interact with people, our world will slow to be a better place.

So how do we learn win win?

Winning is paramount to believing in a non-hierarchical strategy when working and playing with people. As you read this, think of the last interaction you had with someone. Through the gentleness of observation, remind yourself of that interaction.

Did you put yourself in a negative or positive position? Did you perceive yourself above or below in stature? What was your attitude in the engagement? How did you feel – respectful, respected or neither?

When our work environment lacks luster, expression or motivation, the spirit (energy) with which each player participates has been destroyed. How? The spirit (energy) cannot be created nor destroyed but our feelings attached to our outcomes allow it either to shine through or dim into ineffectiveness.

In other words, our feelings about our roles, expectations, and relationships are what promote or demote spirit (energy).

Here’s a beautiful description of win – win by author and Philosophical Counselor, Andrew Schneider. In his book, “The Mysteries Revealed” Schneider says, “Where two people or two groups practice win – win, a degree of spirit is present. To gain a deeper, more comprehensive feeling of spirit, the game requires win – win – win. This means that the two involved both win, and so does the whole – so does the group, team, company, so does nature, the environment, humanity, the planet. Played this way, with this attitude, the sacredness of all life is honored, not just the sacredness of human life.”

Most of us are familiar with the elemental law of physics: The Law of Attraction. It states that "like energy attracts like energy". It is a law of the universe that applies to businesses as well as one on one relationships. The power of attraction increases as we become more clear about who we are and what we want. This clarity transforms us into powerful magnets, each automatically attracting others who have the same intention.


Ask yourself these questions:

"How clear am I about my intentions at work?"

"Am I mainly feeling good?"

If so watch how win – win – win naturally flows into the work place. Surrender to intention by utilizing the basic Law of Attraction. This means that where unity, truth, goodness, or kindness is exhibited, similar attitudes are attracted.

Bees to honey, so to speak. If people are motivated, think truthful thoughts, express kindness through feelings, they naturally attract those kinds of experiences.

If people have feelings and actions that project selfishness, ugly, distortion, and unkindness, they will repel good feelings, truth and kindness. This negative state of being automatically repels the positive.

The only negative you experience will be that which you create within yourself.

Therefore, you will feel flat, fear or bad about win – win – win.

The result and experience will always be ineffective relationships in your work. This ultimately repels a successful business and work related environment
"Imagine a seller/buyer relationship in which there is immediate trust and belief that the best solution will emerge because they are working together to discuss a solution." — Sharon Drew Morgen, Selling with Integrity

So here now are 30 magical ways to explore win-win. As you read each, notice how the power of Spirit (energy) feels. What you’ll notice is your focus becomes more to the abundance, joy, and win – win – win situations.

  1. Thank Your Folks. Without the nurturing, protecting and sacrificing your caregivers (parents or other adults) gave you along the way, you wouldn't even be at the level you are.

    “No man or woman is an island, whether the context is sports, business or building wealth – nobody gets to the highest peaks without the help of others." – Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D.

  2. Go Out Of Your Way to attract, motivate, appreciate and nurture key advisors, administration, peers, suppliers and employees.

  3. Share Stories With Kids which will let them move beyond themselves into the lives of others. Tell your story.

  4.  Get Along With Others. How? Through service. Service is a very special way of being present. We don't have to be Mother Teresa or Nobel Prize winners to serve. Small gifts or simple acts of kindness can produce an enduring feeling of worth as givers and receivers both. Smile. This is the simplest way to get along.

    "A person with UBANTU is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good; for she or he has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that she or he belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are tortured or oppressed, or treated as if they were less than who they are. " Desmond Tutu

  5. Develop Strong Leadership Qualities. When owners, managers, and employees design the business out of their mutual goals and shared values, they know exactly which types of customers the business is suited to serve. They trust that their mission is to serve others in just that way they would want to be treated. The energy that emanates from such confidence is strong and effective. The business results are strong and effective.

  6. Learn Skills. Complacency towards learning within the work environment breeds poor quality results. Address where learning is required to keep abreast of latest technologies, support, and coverage when needed in the absence of key personnel. Always ask questions.

  7. Attach Yourself to good mentors with excellent communication skills.

  8. ..Develop Courage. With courage, you can win. You have to have tenacity. Release the tendency to live by the "What ifs". All negative roadblocks are in your head – yes – change the feeling inside and you change the experience outside. Motivation propels you to courage. If stands for I Fear.

  9. Give A Gift. Offer credit to someone else no matter the perceived level of effort; spread good will.

  10.  Focus.** Always focus on the needs and interests of what you "do" want. List and acknowledge what you "don't" want. Turn that list around and select what you "do" want of yourself and others.

  11. Learn Backgrounds and interests of other people who you plan to work with or do business with.

  12. Demonstrate appreciation and empathy for the needs of your employees and colleagues. Are all levels in the hierarchy treated with equal value? Are employees paid respectably?

    “The very things we wish to avoid, neglect, and flee from turn out to be the ‘prima materia’ from which all real growth comes.” – Andrew Harvey

  13. Participate * in a balance of skills — be equally social, analytical, creative, fun, and above all, don't take everything so seriously.

  14. Live * for a higher purpose – our true nature is to be wise and discerning. Being aware of what is reflected inside of you is as important as being aware of what is outside. How does this feel? "Feel" what it would be like to have, do and be what you want.

  15. Silently Thank A Critic. You will have either discarded the judgment or used it as inspiration. Then let it go.

  16. Forgive, then forget it. * We free ourselves and set an example for others. Relax. Let it go. Act on your intuitive impulse – get – and allow the results you want to come forward. Then go one step further – FORGET IT!

    Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.” – C.S. Lewis.

  17. Welcome Collaboration. Welcome it in spirit and in personality. This sends a message of abundance. There is plenty for all – besides – you are now focused on what you do want, not on what you don't.

  18. Stand up for yourself and speak out for what you believe. Feeling strong and capable affects the world in many different positive ways.

  19. Be Different. Be unique — think outside of the crowd. Disentangle from other people’s problems – learn how to “sit in your own skin” when others are troubled or need something.

  20. Refuse To Take Criticism Personally. If you do, wait 2 weeks to get angry. If you still wish to get angry, wait another 2 weeks. If after the month you still want to get angry, write the critic a long letter, tear it up into bits and permanently destroy it.

  21. Stay Physically Fit. Choose an activity to do regularly (at least 3 times a week) and eat nutritionally "small" meals. (At least 4 times a day).

  22. Be Honest With All People. Magically when you are honest with others, you emit a caring vibration. Others in turn reflect in kind. From those who don't, you'll recognize them instantly as being out of integrity.

  23. Change Your Mind. If something isn't working, shift gears and rethink your strategy. Change your mind as opposed to digging in your heels!

  24. You Have Value and everyone has value. Value is seen differently in different people's eyes – still – value is value. Be clear what it means to you. Value yourself, foremost.

    “We are a mosaic of gifts. We have much to offer each other.” – Mattie J.T. Stepanek

  25. Love What You Do. Whether you call it a job, career, vocation, or activity — your love reflects out and as a result you are apt to be more civil. Hate what you do and this too is reflected.

  26. Answer Honestly: "Why don't I go out on my own and start a business?" "Why don't I seek work where I am paid according to my productivity?" If you answer "Fear!" this is the wrong answer. You are living a myth, a lie. The real answer is deeper. It takes courage to get to it. It takes courage to take positive, moral, and ethical actions that conjure up fear. Allow the fear, it's your friend to help you dig deeper for the real answers.

  27. Learn To Make Accurate judgments about people. (Or hire people who can). Trusting intuition becomes more valuable than using your head. Then let it go once the learning has occurred.

  28. Recognize That Depression Is An Opportunity. It's form of anger. Find out what angers you before it takes over. Working as an angry person is difficult. No one wants to be around you, including you. Figure it out. Get help.

  29. Help People Feel At Ease. Spread a sense of well being. This is one the finest gifts that you can give, for those who receive this gift begin to open their hearts and possibilities magically abound.

  30. Apply Common Sense. Integrate your everyday affairs with spirit. Set an example. The success and wealth of your example be it the business or just you is derived from the peace and love generated by you and your staff, peers or family. Love of activity, responsibility, leadership, support, cooperation and acceptance of each other is paramount to effective business conditions and life in general.

    You are the same today that you are going to be five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read." – Charles Jones

Oh, almost forgot!  / 31. Stop Justifying Being Happy! Start enjoying all those times you feel content, joyous, happy, excited. When you experience good things in your life, celebrate them! You see, sometimes we look around ourselves and check if it’s OK to be happy when others around us are not. If you’re the type who is effected by the mood of others, especially the negative moods – Get Over It! Celebrate instead of justifying joy!. This indeed is the epitome of win-win-win!

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