The 21 Day Debt Weight Loss Challenge Pilot Program So You Can Escape Debt, Stop Overspending, And Start to Enjoy Life As You Were Meant to Enjoy!

Some of you already know I have decades of financial experience and many of you are asking for help how to earn more money.

That’s a good thing and that’s a bad thing!

First, let’s me qualify that even I had financial issues at one time. My bottom line wasn’t always in the black as it is now. My husband and I were almost $200,000 in debt at one point and needless to say, our relationship was strained.

Maybe you feel the strain with debt? Maybe it is affecting your relationships and everything else in your life?

It’s prevalent across the world! So note, you are not alone.

You may have heard the news that at this year’s World Summit, 85 of the representatives hold more money among themselves than any other 2 billion people total, in the rest of the world. Incredible, isn’t it? But I’m not among them. LOL

However, I did come from strong roots to work hard, became educated and for that I am grateful. What I am most appreciative is I enjoyed “books” and “figures’ enough that I learned what was good and what was bad debt. I discovered how to bust the debt habit and grow my bank account. Now, I want to help you achieve freedom from the trap of debt!

Here’s the biggest learning I would love to impart to you; money is a metaphor for attention.

If that shakes you up, good!

I’m Patricia Ogilvie, and I want to help you reduce debt traditionally AND with the most powerful tools in modern coaching systems.

I am certified as an energy coach and have two advanced degrees in administration and finance.

Right now, I want to help you discover this little know secret to erasing debt and allowing more money to stay in your bank account!

My precious nieces and nephews poke fun at me every time I say to them sock away 10%! Even if you find a $20 bill on the street put 10% away. it’s part of the solution, however, before getting to the saving part, first, that debt habit must be dealt with.

If I’m being totally honest, society today has so many options and so much stuff tempting us, it is difficult to keep the cash in the pocket, to keep the credit card at bay, and to stop incurring debt so that people can live within their means.

Why is it so difficult to live within means? Why does it seem frustrating to save and invest for the future?

Simple. It’s a habit – a bad habit!

A habit is a lie you tell yourself in your head and in your heart over and over until you decide it has truth and validity.

I’m going to rock the boat here. So hang on.

People are actually delusional. The majority think that if they make more money they can pay off their debts and they will be happier. The reality is, that’s a big fat lie!

It doesn’t matter how much money you bring in, if you don’t deal with the underlying habit of creating debt, you will just get in deeper and deeper and deeper.

Here’s something else you may have noticed. This theme replays itself especially over social media waves. People are frustrated that they don’t have enough money to support themselves and their families. They want opportunities to earn more and I don’t blame them because life costs.

I’ll tell you right now it doesn’t matter if you get more money! Unless you first break the habit of creating debt, that pattern will continue and all that happens is the debt becomes bigger!

What happens is you wind up spending more because there is more.

So here you are.

What to do? I created a special pilot program to test beating this issue!

I challenge you to this pilot project for the next 21 days. I will come into your email with steps how to bust through the bad habit of debt accumulation!

If you are interested, I am looking for about 100 dedicated “in debt” people who want to stop incurring more.

Your thoughts create your reality. Therefore your thoughts about money, create your reality with money.

My book on Amazon, “The Most Powerful Person on Earth” actually walks you through how to break habits.

But this pilot program challenge will be much more in depth and actually focus specifically on debt habits.

What this challenge won’t do is get you completely out of debt in 21 days. No… that journey takes a big longer, even years.  However, what I will guarantee this challenge will do for you, is that if you do the work, you will stop incurring more bad debt and instead, begin to feel a tingle of passion to reduce your current debt and begin to appreciate having more coming in.

The intention is for you to release the habit of incurring debt and that can happen in 21 days and even less.

How to break a habit?

Personally I have released a habit of going into fear and doubt in under four days. When I smoked, I broke that habit in 2 weeks and haven’t had a desire for a cigarette for over 20 years.

I have helped dozens and dozens of people come to terms with realizing that some of the things they say and do are in fact just a habit they’ve become accustomed to over the years.

It is MY desire to help at least 100 people stop the destructive habit of incurring debt no matter how much money they have.

This special 21 DAY PILOT Challenge will feature a step-by-step process to change your mind, shift your thoughts, and you learn to enjoy yourself without spending the money you don’t have.

This process will not only CHANGE the way you treat your money, it could end up changing the size of your bank account!

If you’d like to join me, it’s only $10.00 for the 21 days of emails. Ridiculous, right? LOL

You will receive tips and suggestions every day, energy processing meditation exercises, and challenges, yes, challenges to become aware and shift out of the grip the habit to spend has on you!

To become one of the 100 people who will be working with me in this program, purchase your seat below and you will then be added to the secure email list. And to make sure we follow all the privacy rules, you will also conform your want to participate before you get the emails sent to you. So say YES! The PILOT program, 21- Day Debt Weight Loss Challenge STARTS on February 16 – March 8, 2015.

Now I’m going to give you an example of what you can expect. Here’s a financial tip you may not yet be aware of: to create a financial surge in cash flow, you must first remove all internal and external money blocks. Debt is a block and it represents both internal and external.

An example of an internal block is simply a thought pattern that pops up each time you look at a pair of designer shoes. The thought is “they’re too expensive BUT I don’t care!” Or “I’ll probably regret this later BUT oh well, you only live once!” Or, “I’m so upset right now, I need to buy this to feel better!”

The external block is more obvious. It’s the near maxed out credit card you are forever paying minimum payments.  Or a depleted bank account that may or may not cover the next month’s expenses. It’s the lifestyle of living pay cheque to pay cheque with no relief on the horizon. It feels crappy and sucks big time!

We’re going to visit that aspect a lot in the next 21 days. So if you’re ready to diffuse debt, you’re ready to get out of the red and into the black, and you’re eager to take on this challenge, register here now.


And remember great job today!


Your Personal Financial Satisfaction Starts Here!

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